Ever Fix Tile Grouting


Ever Fix-TG is a hard wearing, water resistance grout for filling joints in exterior and interior walls and floor tiles, mosaics and clinkers up to 5 mm width. It is easily applied by hand and because of its unique composition, it does not shrink when dry.

Ever Fix-TG is composed of precisely graded, pure crystalline marble powder. It is a blend of special cements, water repellent materials, oxide colours and plasticisers. Ever Fix-TG does not curl up during application and gives a weather resistant joint with no shrinkage cracks.


  1. Resistant to water
  2. Easy to apply by hand
  3. Does not shrink when dry

Preparation of surface:
Ensure all tile joints and edges are clean and free of excess tile fixing mortar. Thoroughly mix Ever Fix-TG in the ratio of 1ltr water to 3 kg Ever Fix-TG powder. Allow standing for 15 minutes, stirring again before use. Water can be reduced or increased slightly to increase required consistency. A slow speed drill fitted with a suitable mixing paddle is recommended. Hand mixing may be allowed if drill/paddle is not available.

Method of application:
Wait until Ever Fix-TA has set (approx 24 hours) before grouting. Apply Ever Fix-TG diagonally into the joints with a rubber spatula. Remove excess grout with a moist sponge before drying. Do not apply grout to an area which is so large that it cannot be completed with an hour. Porous tiles should be filled with water before grouting. After the grout has dried and before it has hardened, polish the tiles with a clean dry cloth, leaving the joints filled with the tiles. 24 hours after grouting, moisten the joints with a wet sponge.

1 kg of Ever Fix-TG covers approximately 30 running ft with 2 mm width of joint.

Ever Fix-TG is supplied in 5 kg and 25kg containers. Ever Fix-TG should be stored in a clean, cool, dry area protected from direct light. Unopened bags can be stored for 12 months. This information is based not only on laboratory work but also on practical experience obtained during field work.

Health & Safety:
Ever Fix-TG is non-toxic. However, splashes on the skin and contact with eyes, should be washed well with water and and seek medical advice.

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