Ever Fix Tile Adhesive


Ever Fix-TA a ceramic tile adhesive. It is a pre-packed cementitous tile adhesive which ensures an excellent bond on concrete, plastered and even ceramic and mosaic tile surfaces. Ever Fix-TA ensures perfect water tightness.

Ever Fix-TA is a high quality adhesive for the permanent fixing of ceramic tiles in damp and submerged conditions. It can be used for fixing of insulating and acoustic boards. It can also be used for fixing tile on tile.


  1. Pre-packed factory controlled & ensures consistent quality
  2. Excellent adhesion hence can be used on tile
  3. Excellent water proofing characteristics
  4. Easy to use
  5. Can also be used for fixing of acoustic and insulating boards

Preparation of surface:
All surfaces must be sound and thoroughly cleaned before Ever Fix-TA is applied. All traces of grease or oil must be removed with de-greaser. All loose particles of mortar and paints must be physically removed.

WIt can be applied directly on concrete, cements, lime mortars and existing tiles.

Ever Fix-TA should be mixed with water in the ratio of 3:1 by volume. Water can be reduced or increased slightly to the required consistency. A slow speed drill fitted with a suitable mixing paddle is recommended. Hand mixing may be allowed drill/paddle is not available.

Remove excess adhesive with a damp cloth before material has set, joint grouting may be commenced 24 hours after tiles have been laid.

Available in a 25 kg bag.

Health & Safety:
Ever Fix-TA is non toxic. However, splashes on the skin and contact with eyes, should be washed well with water and and seek medical advice.

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