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Ever Texture is unique white cement based textured finish for the walls for interior and exterior use. It enhances the beauty of the walls with its infinite design possibilities and long lasting effects.

Ever Texture is used to enhance the beauty of the walls. It gives a wrinkled finish to the walls and enhances the beauty.


  1. Ever Texture not only enhances the beauty but also hides the undulation and plaster defects which normally become visible after painting
  2. Ever Texture is a 3mm thick coating and is a cement based product therefore it adds to the wall strength
  3. The design possibilities are based on the human creativity so the design possibilities are many

  1. Mix the Ever Texture with clean and soft water to bring it to the trowel consistency.
  2. After 10 mins of maturing in the pot, apply with masonry trowel or knifing blade.
  3. To bring about the wrinkle finish after application, run the special trowel in the desired action to get the textures on the wall.
  4. To obtain the groove design, apply masking tape prior to application and remove the tapes carefully after running the trowel.

Depending on the surface, the coverage area will vary between 60 sq. ft. to 100 sq. ft. per bag of 20kg.

Shelf Life:
One year in packed condition.

Pot Life:
Must be used within 2-3 hours depending on the room temperature.

Health & Safety:
Avoid inhalation or contact with eyes, escort the person to fresh air, supply the affected area with water at first and call for medical attention immediately. Technical services are available for assistance on any specific use & application.

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