Everplast Regular


Ancient art blends with the modern chemistry of construction. Everplast powder putty is a perfect blend of natural minerals provided by the mother earth. Everplast mineral putty is used for application on different types of surfaces to get the smooth Ivory White (off white) finishes.

Everplast mineral putty can be used to provide smooth surfaces on cement plastered walls, pre-cast concrete slabs, P.O.P.,  gypsum boards, wooden boards, veneers, panel roofs and concrete surfaces.


  1. Solvent free
  2. Easy application
  3. Good adhesion to various types of surfaces
  4. Hands will not burn while mixing
  5. Economy in usage as there is zero wastage, prepare only as much as you require.
  6. Less gloss absorption for better finish and more paint coverage.

Add up to 40% or less water to get a smooth and consistent paste. Mixing/kneading can be done by hand or machine.

Method of application:
Clean the surface and make it free from dirt, dust, grease and oil, etc. Apply directly on the surface with spatula or knifing blade, or airless spray as suitable. Allow for drying overnight before sanding. In summer, dampen the hot walls to avoid rapid shrinkage. There is no need to apply the primer before the application of the mineral putty. After sanding the surface, primer is recommended for better coverage of the paint.

Approx 200 sq ft to 500 sq. ft, depending on the surface and the applicator. (the figures are just indicative & may vary)

Health & Safety:
Avoid inhalation or contact with eyes, escort the person to fresh air, supply the affected area with water at first and call for medical attention immediately.

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